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A music album inspired by our leopards and their true stories!
Leopard Mystery Album

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Leopard.tv proudly presents a series of e-books written by arguably the big five of nature conservationists and researchers of our generation...
Leopard.tv Big 5 e-book series

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The ideal app for people that love African wildlife! Meet the leopards of our Leopard Mystery Project and see other wildlife like lions, buffalo, sable and many more
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After a lot of work in 2019 to create absolutely the best possible quality audio CD and musicvideo DVD of our leopard and wildlife songs, we are now very happy with the results! You can now buy the CD and DVD in Afrikaans or English. These wildlife songs in varying genres are performed by South Africa's top artists like Bobby van Jaarsveld, Karlien van Jaarsveld, Pieter Koen, Charlize Berg and many other well-known artists.

The ideal app for people that love African wildlife! Meet the leopards of our Leopard Mystery Project and see other wildlife like lions, buffalo, sable and many more

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Zorro story

Jannie Parsons: "Zorro, you were caught in a cage on the farm of a game farmer who wanted to give you a chance. He freed you. Few leopards that experience this trauma return to the same farm. You returned and again caught some buck. This time you were not freed but the prerequisite was that you be placed in a camp. You were not only seen as a problem predator, but also as a great danger to humans with your level of aggression. The option to euthanize you had strong support.

Fortunately the cards fell in your favour. As with so many other leopards, Shayamanzi gave you a third chance and put you in a temporary camp until you calmed down. An incident where a group of drunken contractors outside of your camp teased you exposed your full aggression. You roared out your intense hate towards humans and made it clear that you don't need our love or care and that you'll never change. You were moved to a bigger camp, but continuously you still stormed the fence and wanted to tear up everyone and everything.

I remember the day that I left my young son in the vehicle and walked to the fence on my own with the hope that we could build a better relationship. You were the only one out of almost 35 leopards of which I was so afraid that I took my revolver with me. Three times you tried to jump over the fence to tear me up. Your hate, for whichever reason, could not be reversed.

The decision was made to give you anesthetics, put a GPS satellite collar around your neck and release you in a reserve of 100 000 hectares. But you thought it was a good idea to leave the reserve, with all of its abundance of wildlife, to again go hunt on a game farm. It was as if you wanted to pick a fight with game farmers. One morning we saw your satellite signs only showing one straight line on the computer screen. You were probably caught again but this time you were killed, loaded onto a bakkie and taken to your last resting place...probably an aardvark hole?"

Lyrics from the Zorro song:
Look into the fire of my soul
Behind the mask that I control
I’m Zorro
In this poker game I fold
My secrets left untold
I’m Zorro

Here’s another video about leopard Zorro:


Take a look at a few of our Behind the Scene moments when shooting the music video for leopard Zorro, sung by Martin Bester, at the beautiful French Toast Eifel tower in Hartbeespoort:

Martin Bester makeup

Martin Bester in hair and make-up to get ready for the music video shoot


Parsons 1

Parsons 2

Parsons 3

Parsons family members supporting the making of the music video in dedication of leopard Zorro


Mini Eiffel

Mini Eiffel & sun

Set up for the music video shoot at the Eifel Tower at the French Toast café in Hartbeespoort


Martin Bester prepare

Martin Bester behind the scenes with the director, Anel Stölp, and songwriter, Machiel Roets.

Dancer 1

Dancer 2

Close up of the beautiful leopard print makeup on the dancers in the music video



Choreographer getting the dancers ready on set


Choreography 2

Martin Bester and the dancers ready for action!