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Shayamanzi and Leopard.tv

The Shayamanzi stories and leopard moments started on the 1st of September 1989 deep in the Bushveld in the Waterberg in the North of South Africa.

Paying subscribers of the App Leopard.tv Wildlife Magazine see and experience the Shayamanzi Game farm’s leopard mystery project AND the filming of natural wildlife behaviour with unmanned cameras.

Stories, songs, photos, videos, music, art, articles, etc. are part of the process to make subscribers part of a virtual wildlife experience in Africa.  Social networks are used to spread wildlife news and highlights worldwide.

Buy our songs and become a voice for the Shayamanzi leopard mystery project AND see and experience natural wildlife behaviour filmed with unmanned cameras.

Start your virtual wildlife tour on Shayamanzi by downloading the App Leopard.tv.

Thank you to all the subscribers that support the App Leopard.tv Wildlife Magazine of Shayamanzi Game (Pty) Ltd and for buying our songs and productions.

Will you please become a voice for these beautiful and mysterious cats, the Big 5 of South Africa (leopard, lion, buffalo, rhino and elephant) and our precious wildlife.

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Shayamanzi Game (Pty) Ltd
Jannie, Issie, Bennert and Izelle Parsons.



Our History

A short trip through Shayamanzi's history: