Primeval wanderer

"Primeval Elephant Wanderer" by Bob Preller

The book includes information for the academic as well as the layman, and answer's many questions posed by those passionate about elephants

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Elephants have long been a source of wonder to humans and play a substantial role in human folklore and literature. In early mythology the Earth was believed to be supported and guarded by four mythical elephants at the compass points. Classical Sanskrit explains earthquakes as the shaking of the bodies of these elephants when they tire at times. Elephants have always been viewed as a source of wisdom and the Greek philosopher Pliny the Elder praised elephants as being the closest to human sensibilities in his book Naturalis Historia. The mythical Cyclops may have originated from the fossil skulls of the dwarf elephants on the Islands of Crete and Sicily which had an exceptionally large nasal cavity which was believed to the socket of a single eye.

Few people realize how little we still know of the last remnants of this erstwhile huge mammal family which have been on the Earth at least 11 times as long as humans. What is known is often scattered among various sources but Bob Preller, author of six previous editions to date, of the monumental book has masterfully accumulated and ordered this information to take the reader through the entire age of the elephants.

The first section of this book is a remarkable account of the primeval elephant wanderers and leaves the reader in total agreement with Bob Preller who writes: "Those who dwell amongst the beauties and mysteries of the Earth are never alone or weary of life". The loss of the elephants will undoubtedly be a mortal blow to our humanity, our planet and the mysteries of life on the Earth.