Wild Dogs story

Wild dogs, as leopards, seek help at Shayamanzi

Leopards on game farms will outlive wild dogs… Why?

Wild dogs are afraid of humans. Humans, especially game farmers, also fear wild dogs.

They catch what and when they want with great success. Nevertheless, the numbers are dwindling; they are one of Africa’s most endangered predators and on the brink of extinction. Their natural habitat is steadily shrinking; the game farmers, who protect game, become more and more intolerant.

Should a solution not be found soon, it will unavoidably lead to a sad conflict. Are their numbers in Africa dwindling due to being shot, or maybe because they are vulnerable against a fatal disease such as rabies?


A beautiful story unfolds amid pouring rain storms and floods at Shayamanzi. A seemingly healthy, strong and independent pack of wild dogs catches an impala. Shayamanzi does not shoot them, but, as with the leopards, move them to a camp of 10 ha and urgently invites and encourages scientists, vets, rangers, farmers and the public to research this pack scientifically and come up with options, choices and suggestions that would offer a balanced solution to the dogs, all stakeholders and all those concerned

Does this pack carry healthy genes that can offer answers for the wild dogs in the whole of Africa, or are they carriers of rabies, a fatal disease for animals and humans? As with the leopards in the Waterberg, it seems as if this pack of wild dogs is also screaming at Shayamanzi, to tell their story…