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17 January 2017





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Photos of Kai1 August 2016

www.leopard.tvSee more photos of Kai... (See more)

How we identify Ziana7 July 2016

www.leopard.tvZiana, a female leopard that arrived with her sister Zaza at Shayamanzi in 2007. The two sisters adapted excellently at Shayamanzi and enjoyed their remaining years peacefully. Here is a video on how we identified Ziana... (Read more)

Reproduction by and the development of leopards26 April 2016

www.leopard.tvBy nature, leopards wander through their ranges in search of opportunities to hunt and reproduce. These ranges can be huge in arid environments with a poor prey base. However, as soon as a female is in oestrus... (Read more)

How we identify Zoy, a male leopard13 April 2016

www.leopard.tvZoy, a male leopard, was caught on a game ranch just outside Bela-Bela. The farmer, like most other farmers in South Africa, spared his life and Zoy started his new journey on Shayamanzi in 2007. During the course of his stay, Zoy shared his camp with a variety of females including Zaza, Ziana and Zel... (Read more)

The social behaviour of leopards29 March 2016

www.leopard.tvAs are most of the cats, the leopard is solitary with only a female and her young or a consorting male and female associating... (Read more)

Zetrus21 October 2015

www.leopard.tvThe male leopard Zetrus is lying on a rock in Camp 4 late in the afternoon while looking around. There are close-up images of... (Read more)

Leopards mating8 September 2015

www.leopard.tvThe leopard is a solitary animal and the only groups that form are a female... (Read more)

Identifying Zaza4 June 2015

www.leopard.tvThe leopard is the largest spotted cat in South-Africa. Their dappled coat is ideal camouflage in a woodland environment and individual leopards can be identified from their coat markings. Watch the video and see how we identify Zaza!... (Read more)

Ziana clawing at a tree branch12 May 2015

www.leopard.tvUnlike most other cats, leopards do not claw trees to sharpen their nails but instead do it to remove pieces that may break away from the nail sheaths... (Read more)

Did you know leopards roar?8 April 2015

www.leopard.tvLeopards, like lions and jaguars are characterized as roaring cats. They roar when... (Read more)

Information about Zandi9 July 2014

www.leopard.tvInformation about Zandi, a female leopard released at Shayamanzi... (Read more)

Information about Zan3 July 2014

www.leopard.tvInformation about Zan, a male leopard released at Shayamanzi... (Read more)

The Black leopard30 May 2014

www.leopard.tvDo black leopards still roam free in South Africa? If so, where? How many? Maybe in the Waterberg in... (Read more)

Leopard individual characteristics and the Waterberg rock formation2 April 2014

wwww.leopard.tvThis shows a leopard that is lying in the sun on a high rock in a camp. The leopard is totally... (Read more)

Leopard testing the air for smells2 April 2014

wwww.leopard.tvThis shows a leopard that is lying in the shade in the early morning near a waterhole in a... (Read more)

Leopard eating meat2 April 2014

wwww.leopard.tvThis shows a leopard that is eating meat on a rock. The leopard... (Read more)

Facilities for keeping the larger cats for tourism11 February 2014

wwww.leopard.tvKeeping of the larger cats for tourism in smaller enclosures requires adequate facilities and care... (Read more)

Camouflage in leopards6 February 2014

wwww.leopard.tvThis shows a leopard sitting on a rock next to a shady bush. The leopard is looking to its... (Read more)

The Leopard30 January 2014

wwww.leopard.tvThe leopard Panthera pardus is one of the roaring cats of the family Felidae because it has an... (Read more)

White tip of leopard´s tail23 January 2014

wwww.leopard.tvThis video was recorded in the late afternoon from the catwalk that spans the leopard camps in the... (Read more)

Leopard in a tree23 January 2014

wwww.leopard.tvFrom 08:52:02 to 08:55:52 the video shows the excellent camouflage of a leopard in the... (Read more)

Hunting by leopards7 November 2013

wwww.leopard.tvLeopards are mostly opportunistic hunters and in locating prey, they mostly depend on vision and... (Read more)

Leopards - opportunistic predators7 November 2013

wwww.leopard.tvThis long video was taken in the late afternoon in a leopard camp and shows a leopard that is standing... (Read more)

Spot patterns and coat colour variations in leopards10 October 2013

wwww.leopard.tvBeing the cat with the greatest global geographical distribution, the leopard Panthera pardus has many... (Read more)

Leopards at Witsand3 October 2013

wwww.leopard.tvLeopards have been released everywhere at Shayamanzi. One of the most popular places is Witsand... (Read more)

The Shayamanzi leopard project26 September 2013

wwww.leopard.tvThe core of our project is trying to understand the secrets and mystery of the leopard, as reflected... (Read more)

Zaza in the newspaper19 September 2013

wwww.leopard.tvZaza has been in the media several times. She and her sister, Ziana, once had a fight and one... (Read more)

Reproduction in leopards6 September 2013

wwww.leopard.tvThe basic determinants for the survival of a leopard population are nutrition and reproduction, and... (Read more)

Leopard survival30 August 2013

wwww.leopard.tvA discussion of leopards elicits several interesting reactions. Hunters, game farmers, conservationists... (Read more)

The activity patterns of leopards19 July 2013

wwww.leopard.tvThe basic requirement of any organism is to survive, and to do that it has to reproduce and have food... (Read more)

Leopard mysterious eyes5 July 2013

wwww.leopard.tvThe video material about the leopards was obtained from the storie Mysterious eyes. The music... (Read more)

Spacing and range use in leopards28 June 2013

wwww.leopard.tvThe size of the range used by any cat depends on its daily requirements and the density... (Read more)

Leopard characters Zaza & Ziana20 June 2013

wwww.leopard.tvZaza and her sister Ziana arrived at Shayamanzi in 2007. The two sisters remained in Camp 1... (Read more)

Celebs at Shayamanzi5 June 2013

wwww.leopard.tvThis month we look at Witsand’s fodder and water point in particular. Many leopards have been released... (Read more)

Mysterious eyes - the story31 May 2013

wwww.leopard.tvWhat is it that you want to tell me? For almost 25 years you have been playing a mystery game... (Read more)

Leopard action at Witsand14 May 2013

wwww.leopard.tvMichelle Garforth’s (of SABC 2) camera man missed the great shot of Zeon, the male leopard... (Read more)

Phase 4 of the Leopard project22 March 2013

www.leopard.tvThis consists of the larger Waterberg bushveld area around the farm. Leopards that are freed and... (Read more)

Zaza´s body and tail22 March 2013

www.leopard.tvZaza may have carried a few extra kilograms as a result of her comfortable life at the Leopard Kingdom... (Read more)

Phase 3 of the Leopard project22 February 2013

www.leopard.tvLeopard network is the whole of Shayamanzi (1 350 ha). Photo and video cameras are placed all... (Read more)

Zaza´s face and skin22 February 2013

www.leopard.tvAbove all, it was Zaza’s face that earned her film star status. Even though she was not so tame... (Read more)

Phase 2 of the Leopard project25 January 2013

www.leopard.tvHere 10-ha camps are used which have a similar environment to the bushveld. One half of the... (Read more)

Zaza´s eyes and ears25 January 2013

www.leopard.tvThe eyes of a leopard have a hypnotic quality – they draw you into a mysterious, secretive world. Any... (Read more)

Phase 1 of the Leopard project23 November 2012

www.leopard.tvIn this phase leopards are kept in 1-ha camps in the mountains and are fed meat. Leopards that... (Read more)

Zaza´s background23 November 2012

www.leopard.tvZaza is a female leopard. The previous owner of the leopards had named her Anna, but we... (Read more)

Universal Hunter - Leopard article21 September 2012

www.leopard.tvQuoted passage from the article: "The South African concept of a game farm is unique worldwide..." (Read more)

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