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The impala, epitomizes the open woodlands of South Africa

14 February 2017


The impala epitomizes the open woodlands of South Africa. The common name impala is derived from its izulu name impala. Although not a gazelle, the impala is a slender antilope of medium size. Only the rams carry lyre-shaped horns, the length and shape of which is used to determine age. The horns remain straight up to an age of 22 months, then first start to turn backwards before the tips turn forward at 27 months of age...read more



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Wild dogs31 January 2017

wwww.leopard.tvWild dogs at Shayamanzi... (See more)

"Krap-Krap"6 January 2017

wwww.leopard.tvWhen the farm was bought in 1989 the owner wasn´t aware of the ravine with its natural fountain hidden in the mountain peaks. I saw it from a helicopter... (See more)

Baboons3 November 2016

wwww.leopard.tvBaboons and their antics... (See more)

Waterbirds12 August 2016

wwww.leopard.tvWaterbirds are a natural benefit on any wildlife production unit because they do not have to be lured to open water spaces but... (See more)

Leopard Freedom - a camp with freedom for leopards14 July 2016

wwww.leopard.tvLeopard Freedom is a big camp at Shayamanzi. In this camp there is usually only one leopard or perhaps a female with her cubs... (See more)

Shumba and his family8 July 2016

wwww.leopard.tvShumba (male lion) and Shakira (female lion) with Kiara, Nala and Simba (cubs)... (See more)

Warthog at Shayamanzi1 July 2016

wwww.leopard.tvThe warthog prefers open woodland as a habitat and is independent of surface water. It is an omnivore but mainly feeds on short... (See more)

Leopard´s sleeping place with beautiful rock formations14 June 2016

wwww.leopard.tvAt the top of the hill on the South of Fish Eagle dam is a large stone plate with beautiful rock formations and a variety of trees; this area is called Leopard´s sleeping place. The wind... (See more)

White lions31 May 2016

wwww.leopard.tvView the two beautiful white lions who call Shayamanzi their home. Jack and Gill has been with us for quite some time now... (See more)

Fish Eagle - Special place at Shayamanzi16 May 2016

wwww.leopard.tvIn 1989 after buying the farm we walked, with a backpack, in a dry riverbed filled with tall reeds all the way to where Fish Eagle and... (See more)

Tshwene, the Tshwana word for "Baboon"26 April 2016

wwww.leopard.tvTshwene is the Tshwana word for "Baboon". Every night a huge herd of baboons sleep here in the waterberry trees. Tshwene is a bush camp hidden... (See more)

Leopard Castle with an abundance of wildlife31 March 2016

wwww.leopard.tvThe lightning on the hills at Leopard Castle are frightening. Here on the hills wild leopards look down on Fish Eagle´s grasslands, scrubs and ponds. The rise of the full moon and the sun setting in the distance are absolutely breath-taking... (See more)

Kudu, critically important drinking place9 March 2016

wwww.leopard.tvA remote but critically important drinking place for the wild to the north side of Shayamanzi. The predators are well aware of the remote drinking place and therefore... (See more)

Jungle dam - Eiland25 January 2016

wwww.leopard.tvThis dam was build specifically for the birds of Shayamanzi but is also visited by other animals. View some of the photos taken of the area... (See more)

Kudu at Leopard Castle19 January 2016

wwww.leopard.tvKudu regularly visit this area... (See more)

Wild dogs12 January 2016

wwww.leopard.tvWild dogs at Shayamanzi... (See more)

Zebra in the various camps at Shayamanzi7 January 2016

wwww.leopard.tvShayamanzi consist of various camps and the zebra can move freely between these camps. View a few photos taken of the zebra... (See more)

Buffalo8 December 2015

wwww.leopard.tvThe buffalo at Shayamanzi spends a lot of time at their favourite water point in the 10 hectare camp... (See more)

Seringa´s animals26 November 2015

wwww.leopard.tvSeringa is the biggest open plain area on Shayamanzi. Animals like eland, gemsbok, blesbok, red hartebeest, zebra, blue wildebeest and giraffe all favour the open plain areas and are regular visitors to Seringa... (See more)

Shayamanzi leopards18 November 2015

wwww.leopard.tvShayamanzi have already dealt with more than 35 leopards. Here are photos of some of them... (See more)

Witsand20 October 2015

wwww.leopard.tvA variety of animals come to the Witsand water point for food and water. Here are some of the animals we noticed there... (See more)

Thank Giraffe It´s Friday9 October 2015

wwww.leopard.tvCelebrate "TIG Friday - Thank Giraffe It´s Friday" with us... (See more)

Meet the kings and queens of Shayamanzi5 October 2015

wwww.leopard.tvShayamanzi is proud to have seven lions, two of which are white lions. Look at the photo series of these beautiful animal... (See more)

African rhinoceros22 September 2015

wwww.leopard.tvCelebrate World Rhino Day with us. View beautiful rhinoceros photographs... (See more)

What is Shumba shouting?20 August 2015

wwww.leopard.tvSee this stunning photos of Shumba, a male lion at Shayamanzi... (See more)

Rarely seen17 August 2015

wwww.leopard.tvSometimes the still cameras at Shayamanzi will also capture some rarely seen animals.... (See more)

Nala13 August 2015

wwww.leopard.tvNala giving a shout-out to Throwback Thursday. Our pics of the day... (See more)

Tshwene baboons31 July 2015

wwww.leopard.tvSee the Tshwene baboons of Shayamanzi up close... (See more)

Leopards captured by unmanned cameras22 June 2015

wwww.leopard.tvAt Shayamanzi there are several unmanned cameras in the leopard camps to capture photos of Shayamanzi´s leopards... (See more)

Shakira´s three cubs8 May 2015

wwww.leopard.tvPhotos from the time of their release at Shayamanzi until now... (See more)

Motion camera photos19 March 2015

wwww.leopard.tvAt various points on the Shayamanzi wildlife ranch motion cameras are installed to capture the wildlife. Here are some of the photos taken in 2012-2013... (See more)

The agile klipspringer5 March 2015

wwww.leopard.tvThe klipspringer is superbly adapted to life in a rocky habitat. The agile rock jumping proficiency of a klipspringer is aided by... (See more)

Sables26 February 2015

wwww.leopard.tvSable antelope is one of the rare, indigenous wildlife... (See more)

Buffalo of Shayamanzi6 February 2015

wwww.leopard.tvA few photos of the buffalo that can now be seen on Shayamanzi... (See more)

Shayamanzi´s scenic beauty26 November 2014

wwww.leopard.tvThe most beautiful photographs are taken at Shayamanzi... (See more)

Insects and more11 November 2014

wwww.leopard.tvThere are other kinds of animals that also survive between Shayamanzi´s leopards and wildlife... (See more)

Jack and Jill8 October 2014

wwww.leopard.tvThe two white lions, Jack and Jill, was released at Shayamanzi in 2014... (See more)

Zara30 September 2014

wwww.leopard.tvZara shares a camp with two black leopards, Zorba and Zita... (See more)

Baboons9 September 2014

wwww.leopard.tvBaboons at Shayamanzi... (See more)

Shayamanzi, bird paradise12 August 2014

wwww.leopard.tvA variety of birds can be seen at Shayamanzi... (See more)

Aardvark31 July 2014

wwww.leopard.tvPhotos of the aardvark... (See more)

Photo album of Zai18 July 2014

wwww.leopard.tvPhotos of Zai, a new male leopard at Shayamanzi... (See more)

Black leopards at Shayamanzi4 July 2014

wwww.leopard.tvShayamanzi´s black leopards... (See more)

Photo album of Shayamanzi´s lions26 June 2014

wwww.leopard.tvVarious photos of the lions at Shayamanzi... (See more)

African wild dogs at Shayamanzi18 June 2014

wwww.leopard.tvAfrican wild dogs at Shayamanzi... (See more)

Zebra11 April 2014

wwww.leopard.tvZebra at Shayamanzi... (See more)

Giraffes28 March 2014

wwww.leopard.tvGiraffes at Shayamanzi... (See more)

Ziana, a female leopard28 February 2014

wwww.leopard.tvZiana is a female leopard that was released on Shayamanzi... (See more)

Warthog photos7 February 2014

wwww.leopard.tvWarthog photos taken on Shayamanzi... (See more)

Wild is uneasy28 January 2014

wwww.leopard.tvWild is uneasy... (See more)

Photos of the camps at Shayamanzi12 December 2013

wwww.leopard.tvShayamanzi camps... (See more)

Nightlife at Shayamanzi14 November 2013

wwww.leopard.tvShayamanzi nightlife... (See more)

Photo album of Zaza, a female leopard at Shayamanzi31 October 2013

wwww.leopard.tvVarious photo´s of Zaza... (See more)

Predators at Shayamanzi17 October 2013

wwww.leopard.tvSee photos of predators at Shayamanzi... (See more)

Shayamanzi birds19 September 2013

wwww.leopard.tvLook at photos of birds at Shayamanzi... (See more)

Photos of Shayamanzi antelope6 September 2013

wwww.leopard.tvThe photos was taken on the Shayamanzi wildlife ranch... (See more)

Photos of Shayamanzi30 August 2013

wwww.leopard.tvNature photos of Shaymanzi... (See more)

Nature photos of Shaymanzi19 July 2013

wwww.leopard.tvNature photos of Shaymanzi... (See more)

Zaza, a female leopard23 May 2013

wwww.leopard.tvPhotos of Zaza, a female leopard... (See more)

Zaza catches a rabbit14 May 2013

wwww.leopard.tvPhotos of Zaza, a female leopard, catching a rabbit... (See more)

Zaza22 February 2013

wwww.leopard.tvPhotos of our beloved leopard, Zaza... (See more

Zaza, a female leopard and Marlee van der Merwe25 January 2013

wwww.leopard.tvPhotos of Zaza, a female leopard and Marlee van der Merwe... (See more)

Shayamanzi wildlife21 September 2012

wwww.leopard.tvVarious photos of Shayamanzi wildlife... (See more)

Leopards on Shayamanzi21 September 2012

wwww.leopard.tvVarious photos of Shayamanzi leopards... (See more)

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