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Zaza - Introduction

22 February 2013

The more than 20 leopards we have dealt with at Shayamanzi since 2001 were all very special. Shayamanzi’s theme song The eyes of secret, written by Rudi Claase, is dedicated to all Shayamanzi’s leopards, those in the camps, the wild leopards on the farm and all the leopards that have been let free at Shayamanzi and left the farm into the Waterberg.

Each leopard that we have handled has rendered a contribution towards unravelling the mystery surrounding leopards. Zaza and her sister Ziana arrived at Shayamanzi in March 2007. Both sisters were approximately 11 years old. They weren´t tame enough for one to enter their camp, but they weren´t shy of people either. Since March 2007 there have been many pleasant, sad, beautiful, angry, anxious, worried, interesting, day, night, summer, winter, romantic, moody film star moments and incidents that will in time be described under Leopard characters.





Above all, it was Zaza’s face that earned her film star status. Even though she was not so tame that one could risk entering her enclosure, she was more accepting of humans than other leopards. Zaza and her sister Ziana were ideal for film productions as they had retained their natural wildness, but were tame enough to cooperate with the camera man.

Close contact with leopards over a five-year period creates wonderful opportunities for observing them in various situations, doing observations, communicating, establishing relationships with them and taking great photographs.

Through the years Zaza’s face acquired a few more scars....


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Reproductions of Zaza’s skin can be seen on photos, videos, the internet and television, in magazines and films, and in several publications. It certainly makes more sense to create awareness of the plight of leopards in this way, rather than display yet another hunting trophy on a wall or a floor.

 We could watch for hours how Zaza washed and groomed heself like a true lady. After every meal, she would sit down, usually on a rock, wet her paw with her tongue and start washing herself thoroughly. Although Ziana’s bite marks had left scars on her face, these healed well over time and eventually made it easier to recognise her from a distance.

Zaza’s beautiful skin and the beatiful skin of a woman have much in common....
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