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January 2014 Wildland article

9 May 2014


...(Read Part 2 of Zoy and his girlfriends)
...(Read Part 3 of Zoy and his girlfriends)

Internet Wildlife channel (www.leopard.tv)
Zoy and his girlfriends
By Jannie Parsons


Part 1 of 3: The attractive Zoy has intimate relationships with some of the most beautiful cats at Shayamanzi. These relationships vary from passionate to very romantic. At its best a relationship between a male and female leopard consists of roars, nails and teeth.
Since 2007 we have been watching the relationships between leopards, day and night, in the Leopard Kingdom camps at Shayamanzi. Many unique and interesting visual moments of these mysterious cats are filmed via internet cameras.
Zoy and Zel: Zel and Zandi are the two daughters of Zizi. Zizi and her two cubs were released at Shayamanzi many years ago. (A story for another day.) Zel made Shayamanzi her home when she was still a very small leopard, while her mother and sister looked for a place to stay somewhere in the Waterberg. No one gave any of the three leopards a chance on survival.
The small, beautiful Zel, a cub of a few months old, did everything to survive, even ate the peacocks around the house. We soon realised that she was signing her own death sentence, as a leopard around the house, which is not shy of people, can make humans her preferred prey. We were lucky to catch her again near the main homestead. A television channel decided to use her as a model with the opening of each episode of a documentary programme.
Volumes of books can be written about Zel’s fight for survival. As time progressed we realised that the beautiful Zel, with her strong survival instincts, and the attractive, young and strong Zoy, should get together. Zel wasn’t only the start of our 1 ha camps idea, but she and Zoy were the first male and female leopards that came together and gave rise to the dream of leopard breeding. You need not be a rocket scientist to realise that leopards will struggle to survive on game farms, except when a game farmer can see the potential of, e.g., predator tourism.
Shayamanzi’s first dream is its own Internet Wildlife channel for virtual game drives and to create leopard awareness worldwide.

Our second dream is to breed leopards and to conserve them for our children’s children. We are passionate and believe that tourists will more and more prefer game farms that make predators a part of their business model, especially leopards, which are indigenous to the Waterberg and are part of the Big Five. Leopards are not the problem on a game farm, rather a lack of a business model built or Zoy and Zel were the start of leopard breeding in the natural holding camps of 1 ha. Since the two game together, each day was a tense, but also an adventurous day. There was no manual or a well-proven recipe. Prof Bothma and I caucused for many nights and tried to anticipate what would happen if Zoy and Zel would venture into one another’s camps. 

Their camps become their territories and possession, which would probably be defended with their lives.
They watched each other for very long from two adjoining camps. Was it watching or making eyes to one another? For hours, day and night, we waited to see any signs of advances. Late one afternoon it happened, a sign that our male readers will enjoy. Zel made playful jumps towards Zoy on the one side of the fence, and he seemed to be impressed with the female attention. …to be continued next month in part 2.

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