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March 2014 Wildland article

9 May 2014


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Internet Wildlife channel (www.leopard.tv) 
Zoy and his girlfriends
By Jannie Parsons

Part 3 of 3: Leopard mystery: In ± 2 seconds a complete leopard mystery unfolds. Although only my own opinion and theory, I think something happens in these two seconds that is not done by humans, but is done by an endangered species. Zoy and Zel have been together in a camp for quite some time after they have long been in adjoining camps, watching each other and making advances towards one another through the fence. In the camp that they now share they are fed simultaneously at different spots.
If you look at the frames of these two seconds (± 50 frames), interesting visual leopard moments unfold. Zel (female) is on heat (oestrus) and Zoy (male) knows that a “hard” week of mating sessions lie ahead and he should eat enough to be strong for these sessions, which go on night and day for almost a week. Zel knows this too. She sits on a rock and looks to the top of the camp where Zoy is eating – usually she looks to the other side, towards the fence where outside threats would come from. She is tense and therefore sits with her paws underneath her body and hastily eats and swallows large chunks of meat. Zoy apparently changed his strategy and left part of his food for later and immediately walked down towards Zel.
As from nowhere he suddenly appeared and surprised Zel completely. She balances on the rock with her hind legs and right front paw and immediately opens her mouth wide and starts hitting with her left front paw. Like a first class boxer Zoy fends with his right paw and protects his face and eyes behind the right front paw. He immediately pulls his body and hind legs underneath him and with his forward momentum he jumps himself and Zel from the rocks. The fight does not continue. It finishes just as suddenly as it started. Zoy wins the fight about the meat, but his whole body language and behaviour indicates that he does not want to kill her.

His nails are withdrawn and he hides his head and dangerous teeth next to his paw, he falls with her and indeed breaks her fall with his body halfway underneath hers. I believe he wants to be at his best for the mating sessions and will focus more on her during the mating sessions than on the food. He would also like to rest in between the mating sessions that continue day and night for almost a week. The winner from this struggle is actually the leopard species, which has a chance to breed and maybe to survive… May the two seconds of action make leopard lovers SEE, EXPERIENCE, THINK and TELL!

2 Seconds leopard lesson: It looks like a terrible fight between Zoy and Zel, but no one is hurt and it is really a minor incident. The Larger Picture is more important, it is about saving the species from extinction even if it is necessary to breed leopards in large natural camps. So often we focus on the now, the small immediate benefits for me, and ignore what we leave behind for our children’s children. May the two seconds leopard lesson be a life lesson for everyone – please protect and save our leopards.

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