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Something´s got his attention

8 February 2015


It almost looks like he is watching a group of ants or is he just struggling to stay awake.

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Hamerkop7 February 2015

wwww.leopard.tvSometimes all you need is patience and diligence and success can be in your mouth!... (See more)

Simba6 February 2015

wwww.leopard.tvGet to know Simba, the lion cub... (See more)

Now, that was good3 February 2015

wwww.leopard.tvOh this was now a lip-licking nice dinner for the lion cub... (See more)

Is he pushing her away?26 January 2015

wwww.leopard.tvA whole block of salt, but apparently the best is where she is licking... (See more)

Buffalo wrestling26 January 2015

wwww.leopard.tvBuffalo wrestling with horns that can be very dangerous... (See more)

Lion cubs keeping busy25 January 2015

wwww.leopard.tvA tail remains a fun toy... (See more)

Baboons at Tshwene24 January 2015

wwww.leopard.tvBaboon stories... (See more)

Another day at Shayamanzi24 January 2015

wwww.leopard.tvSnapshot of a few camps at Shayamanzi... (See more)

Blue wildebeest bumping heads23 January 2015

wwww.leopard.tvTwo blue wildebeest bump heads rather half-heartily. One does not even stand up, not until another one decides to join in... (See more)

The comb duck22 January 2015

wwww.leopard.tvA bit of grooming, some food, and ruffle the feathers a little... (See more)

Leopard grooming himself14 January 2015

wwww.leopard.tvA good wash goes a long way... (See more)

Impala grooming13 January 2015

wwww.leopard.tvMoms are always around and ready if you have a dirty face... (See more)

Ducks at the water13 January 2015

wwww.leopard.tvTwo ducks wait until late evening to go search for a few sips of water... (See more)

Warthog baby lying on mommy12 January 2015

wwww.leopard.tvThis warthog baby clearly doesn´t want to let go of mommy... (See more)

Warthog grooming12 January 2015

wwww.leopard.tvDid you know that warthog also engage in grooming activities?... (See more)

Little bird bathing in the dirt11 January 2015

wwww.leopard.tvA sand bath is just the thing to get rid of pesky bugs... (See more)

Buffalo at the waterhole7 January 2015

wwww.leopard.tvBuffalo can also get hot... (See more)

Lion cubs playing5 January 2015

wwww.leopard.tvGood, clean fun... (See more)

Warthog enjoying a mud bath1 December 2014

wwww.leopard.tvThis warthog enjoys his mud bath so much he is taking a little nap... (See more)

Kudu bulls bumping heads30 November 2014

wwww.leopard.tvTwo kudu bulls in a power struggle with their horns... (See more)

Kiara and her brothers30 November 2014

wwww.leopard.tvNow that the cubs are older, one can easily identify Kiara among her two brothers, Simba and Mufasa... (See more)

Brotherly-and-sisterly love30 November 2014

wwww.leopard.tvNothing comes close to the enjoyable play times with your sibling... (See more)

Family dinner27 November 2014

wwww.leopard.tvShakira and her cubs enjoy a quiet dinner together... (See more)

You might have missed this21-27 November 2014

wwww.leopard.tvHighlights from the past few days... (See more)

What is he doing?25 November 2014

wwww.leopard.tvWhat is the buffalo looking for in the water?... (See more)

Play-time and grooming-time22 November 2014

wwww.leopard.tvPlay-time and Mommy-time is something you will never be tired of... (See more)

Seems like mommy is saying, no21 November 2014

wwww.leopard.tvIf subtle gestures do not work, a mom sometimes have to be a little harder... (See more)

It´s clear to see why they can be harmful17 November 2014

wwww.leopard.tvIt´s just the mother playing with her cubs, but with those teeth, just imagine if it was prey... (See more)

Kudu cow picking fights17 November 2014

wwww.leopard.tvSeems like someone does not like to share!... (See more)

Baboon characters14 November 2014

wwww.leopard.tvSometimes just looking at them is enough to brighten up your day... (See more)

Blue wildebeest kicking up dust14 November 2014

wwww.leopard.tvThere is disorder at Witsand with the blue wildebeest all seeking something to eat... (See more)

Lion cubs are getting bigger13 November 2014

wwww.leopard.tvThe lion cubs are getting bigger and playtime is also getting rougher and tougher... (See more)

Just like any other mother would do11 November 2014

wwww.leopard.tvJust like any other mother would do - Makes you think of your own mom giving her food to you... (See more)

Jack behaving like a house cat11 November 2014

wwww.leopard.tvYou might have seen your house cat do this, but have you seen a lion?... (See more)

Male lion, Jack, flirting with Gill9 November 2014

wwww.leopard.tvJack, the male white lion, shows us that it is good to pay special attention to your partner... (See more)

Shayamanzi royalty7 November 2014

wwww.leopard.tvLet us see what Shayamanzi´s royalty is up to!... (See more)

My turn5 November 2014

wwww.leopard.tvWhen you think it is your turn, how do you say it or do you show it?... (See more)

Just a bit of morning stretches3 November 2014

wwww.leopard.tvStretch, stretch...sleep... (See more)

Just like a kitten2 November 2014

wwww.leopard.tvHe might be big, but here he looks just like a little kitten... (See more)

Guess sitting inside is not enough31 October 2014

wwww.leopard.tvWhat to do when you empty the bowl... (See more)

What you might have missed30 October 2014

wwww.leopard.tvSnippets of Shayamanzi wildlife... (See more)

Eagle27 October 2014

wwww.leopard.tvTakeaway for anyone?... (See more)

Zorba26 October 2014

wwww.leopard.tvLet me pamper you... (See more)

Highlights of the day21 October 2014

wwww.leopard.tvKudu getting his daily vitamins and minerals, giraffe joining lunch at Witsand, alerted kudu at Nkwe and waterbuck gather at the delicious green grass of Fish-Eagle... (See more)

What is bugging Zita??20 October 2014

wwww.leopard.tvIs a fly bugging Zita? He surely doesn´t realize who he is dealing with... (See more)

What is happening at Shayamanzi?17 October 2014

wwww.leopard.tvSable love afair, kudu put his horns to good use, lion cubs awake and alert for mommy´s call... (See more)

Frog conversation16 October 2014

wwww.leopard.tvThe frog found a friend to chat to, but what is it... (See more)

Indecisive Gill16 October 2014

wwww.leopard.tvThis one or that one? Seems Gill can´t make up her mind!... (See more)

Jack and Gill vs buffalo15 October 2014

wwww.leopard.tvWho do you think is the Hunter - Lion or Buffalo?... (See more)

Clever baboon14 October 2014

wwww.leopard.tvBaboon is still the Boss! After searching for food... (See more)

Blue wildebeest - warthog14 October 2014

wwww.leopard.tvCan you spot the Warthog?... (See more)

Strange behaviour13 October 2014

wwww.leopard.tvDisplacement or nest building? Strange behaviour seen from a small bird... (See more)

Scaredy-cat13 October 2014

wwww.leopard.tvTwo klipspringers decide, rather a scared John than a dead John... (See more)

Burchell´s zebra foal want to suckle13 October 2014

wwww.leopard.tvA big Burchell´s zebra foal is bending down very low to suckle on the mother. When are they weaned?... (See more)

Leopard eating meat10 September 2014

wwww.leopard.tvA leopard is eating a piece of meat but continue looking around for any danger... (See more)

Giraffe at block of salt10 September 2014

wwww.leopard.tvTo reach the block of salt the giraffe need to bend over quite low... (See more)

Jack, eating behind a tree10 September 2014

wwww.leopard.tvJack, the male white lion, prefer to eat his meat behind the tree... (See more)

Feeding time at Witsand9 September 2014

wwww.leopard.tvThe animals at Witsand eat very relaxed... (See more)

Close-up of leopard9 September 2014

wwww.leopard.tvA close-up shot of Zara, she is struggling to stay awake... (See more)

Zebra at Seringa8 September 2014

wwww.leopard.tvLate afternoon a few Burchell´s zebra comes to Seringa... (See more)

Zebra at sunset8 September 2014

wwww.leopard.tvThe Burchell´s zebra walks off when the sun goes down... (See more)

Kudu eating alone4 September 2014

wwww.leopard.tvThis morning at Witsand, it is not necessary for a kudu bull to share the waterpoint... (See more)

Kudu eating3 September 2014

wwww.leopard.tvAt Witsand a few kudu is eating peacefully... (See more)

Baboons eating3 September 2014

wwww.leopard.tvBaboons enjoying an early lunch... (See more)

Another busy day at Witsand3 September 2014

wwww.leopard.tvQuite a few animals gather late afternoon at the Witsand waterpoint... (See more)

Kudu cow licking the block of salt3 September 2014

wwww.leopard.tvA kudu cow is quietly licking the block of salt at Krap-Krap... (See more)

Jack looking about3 September 2014

wwww.leopard.tvThe white male lion is quietly looking around the camp... (See more)

Impala at the water2 September 2014

wwww.leopard.tvImpala grazing at Fish-Eagle dam... (See more)

Warthog with a plan1 September 2014

wwww.leopard.tvA warthog with a plan - Dangerous place to eat at the waterhole - this warthog is working with a plan... (See more)

What is Shumba doing?1 September 2014

wwww.leopard.tvShumba, Shayamanzi´s own spy... (See more)

When danger lurks behind you1 September 2014

wwww.leopard.tvAn eland knows what to do when danger is lurking behind him... (See more)

Blue wildebeest drinking water1 September 2014

wwww.leopard.tvIt is getting warmer now and the blue wildebeest are trying to quench their thirst... (See more)

Angry blue wildebeest1 September 2014

wwww.leopard.tvA blue wildebeest at Witsand is upset with all the other animals... (See more)

Shumba climbing the tree30 Augustus 2014

wwww.leopard.tvShumba climb very high up in a tree, unbelievable... (See more)

Little one with mom30 August 2014

wwww.leopard.tvPeaceful here at mom´s side... (See more)

Lion cubs playing30 August 2014

wwww.leopard.tvLion cubs may also bother one another, just as children do... (See more)

Black leopards playing30 August 2014

wwww.leopard.tvZorba and Zita, the two black leopards, still seem very interested in the tyre which is hanging in their camp... (See more)

Shumba making noises30 August 2014

wwww.leopard.tvShumba is roaring continuously... (See more)

Blue wildebeest at Witsand29 August 2014

wwww.leopard.tvBlue wildebeest at Witsand... (See more)

Warthog restless29 August 2014

wwww.leopard.tvThe warthog is very active at Witsand today... (See more)

Black leopard looking around29 August 2014

wwww.leopard.tvThe black leopard is looking around in the camp but continues to lie quietly... (See more)

Lion cubs lying in the sun29 August 2014

wwww.leopard.tvThe lion cubs are lazily lying in the sun... (See more)

Time to eat28 August 2014

wwww.leopard.tvHuge attendance of animals at Witsand looking for something to eat... (See more)

Zebra at Witsand28 August 2014

wwww.leopard.tvThe Burchell´s zebra is very placid at Witsand today... (See more)

Young blue wildebeest graze with zebra28 August 2014

wwww.leopard.tvA young blue wildebeest are quietly grazing with the Burchell´s zebra... (See more)

Female lion frightened27 August 2014

wwww.leopard.tvThe female lion, Gill, are frightened by Jack... (See more)

Female lion very calm27 August 2014

wwww.leopard.tvGill stare into the distance and then slowly walks on.... (See more)

Kudu and Burchell´s zebra at Kudu hide26 August 2014

wwww.leopard.tvA kudu and a Burchell´s zebra at the Kudu hide waterpoint... (See more)

A quick bump26 August 2014

wwww.leopard.tvTwo kudu bump their horns gently before one walks away... (See more)

Kudu not bothered by fight26 August 2014

wwww.leopard.tvTwo kudu buls are fighting while a third kudu is peacefully licking the block of salt... (See more)

Leopard eating21 August 2014

wwww.leopard.tvZara, a female leopard, is enjoying a piece of meat... (See more)

Leopard get angry over food21 August 2014

wwww.leopard.tvZara gets upset when one of the black leopards tries to get close to her food... (See more)

Lion sounds20 August 2014

wwww.leopard.tvGill, the female white lion, is roaring very loudly... (See more)

Black leopards playing with tyre19 August 2014

wwww.leopard.tvThe two black leopards, Zorba and Zita, are enjoying the tyre that is hanging from the tree... (See more)

Shumba listing to the sounds of nature19 August 2014

wwww.leopard.tvShumba is sitting under the tree, peacefully listening to the sounds of nature... (See more)

Kudu licking the block of salt19 August 2014

wwww.leopard.tvKudu licking the block of salt at Witsand... (See more)

Shumba uses a rock to sleep on17 August 2014

wwww.leopard.tvShumba uses a rock for a bed, how comfortable can this be... (See more)

Lion cubs drink water16 August 2014

wwww.leopard.tvWatch the lion cubs have a drink of water, must be from all that meat... (See more)

Busy day at Witsand15 August 2014

wwww.leopard.tvAll the animals seem to be hungry today... (See more)

Black leopard quitely looking around15 August 2014

wwww.leopard.tvA black leopard is quietly lying on top of the shelter and looking around in the camp... (See more)

Mealtime for the lion cubs15 August 2014

wwww.leopard.tvThe 3 lion cubs, Simba, Mufasa and Kiara are feasting on pieces of meat... (See more)

Baboons near the water12 August 2014

wwww.leopard.tvBaboons sitting near the Witsand waterhole... (See more)

Shakira, trying to sleep11 August 2014

wwww.leopard.tvShakira, trying to sleep... (See more)

Shumba lying in the sun10 August 2014

wwww.leopard.tvShumba lying in the sun... (See more)

Kudu cows sharing the block of salt9 August 2014

wwww.leopard.tvKudu cows sharing the block of salt... (See more)

Shumba eating9 August 2014

wwww.leopard.tvShumba eating... (See more)

Lion cubs playing together5 August 2014

wwww.leopard.tvThe lion cubs enjoy playing together... (See more)

Giraffe staring5 August 2014

wwww.leopard.tvGiraffe staring in the distance... (See more)

Female lion eating in front of male30 July 2014

wwww.leopard.tvFemale lion, Gill, don´t share with Jack... (See more)

Black leopard licking the ground30 July 2014

wwww.leopard.tvBlack leopard licking the ground... (See more)

Leopard grooming28 July 2014

wwww.leopard.tvLeopard grooming... (See more)

Water24 July 2014

wwww.leopard.tvFish-eagle dam... (See more)

Lion club chewing a stick23 July 2014

wwww.leopard.tvLion club chewing a stick... (See more)

Blue wildebeest14 July 2014

wwww.leopard.tvOne blue wildebeest wants to bump heads... (See more)

Lion staring in the distance13 July 2014

wwww.leopard.tvLion staring in the distance... (See more)

Kudu close to the water13 July 2014

wwww.leopard.tvKudu is standing close to Witsand´s waterhole... (See more)

Lions in the shade13 July 2014

wwww.leopard.tvLions are hiding from the sun... (See more)

Female lion4 July 2014

wwww.leopard.tvGill, the female white lion... (See more)

Kudu at the block of salt2 July 2014

wwww.leopard.tvKudu standing around the block of salt... (See more)

Lions in the sun2 July 2014

wwww.leopard.tvJack and Gill are enjoying the sun... (See more)

Leopard spots2 July 2014

wwww.leopard.tvThe sports of a leopard... (See more)

Kudu bull startled1 July 2014

wwww.leopard.tvKudu is startled by a light... (See more)

Kudu listening to sounds1 July 2014

wwww.leopard.tvKudu listening carefully... (See more)

Warthog and baboons1 July 2014

wwww.leopard.tvWarthog and baboons at the Witsand waterhole... (See more)

Warthog1 July 2014

wwww.leopard.tvWarthog kicking dust... (See more)

Lion cubs play ball27 June 2014

wwww.leopard.tvA while ago Shakira and her cubs arrived on Shayamanzi and have stettled in well. They are very playful, especially when we gave them a ball to play with... (See more)

Birds sitting near the block of salt22 June 2014

wwww.leopard.tvBirds are sitting near the block of salt at Leopard´s sleeping place. Every now and then one will peck at the salt... (See more)

Shumba on top of his shed22 June 2014

wwww.leopard.tvShumba, the male lion, is standing on top of his shed, staring into the distance... (See more)

Mother washing her young18 June 2014

wwww.leopard.tvShakira makes sure her cubs are clean... (See more)

Shumba fast a sleep18 June 2014

wwww.leopard.tvShumba is fast a sleep... (See more)

Female lion grooming18 June 2014

wwww.leopard.tvShakira, the female lion, is grooming herself... (See more)

A lion cub lying in the sun16 June 2014

wwww.leopard.tvA lion cub is struggling to keep awake in the lazy winter sun... (See more)

Ducks swimming16 June 2014

wwww.leopard.tvA couple of ducks are swimming in the Tshwene dam on Shayamanzi... (See more)

Shakira and her cubs lying in the sun16 June 2014

wwww.leopard.tvIt is a nice sunny day in the winter at Shayamanzi and Shakira and her cubs are spending the day lying in the sun... (See more)

Shumba lying feet in the air11 June 2014

wwww.leopard.tvShumba, the male lion, is sleeping with his feet in the air... (See more)

Klipspringers licking the block of salt11 June 2014

wwww.leopard.tvThree klipspringers share the block of salt... (See more)

Shumba lying on top of his shed11 June 2014

wwww.leopard.tvThe male lion, Shumba, is lying on top of his shed... (See more)

Vervet monkeys eating food off the ground28 May 2014

wwww.leopard.tvVervet monkeys eating food off the ground... (See more)

Shumba lying feet folded28 May 2014

wwww.leopard.tvShumba, the male lion, is lying with his feet folded... (See more)

Shakira takes her cubs away28 May 2014

wwww.leopard.tvShakira takes her cubs away... (See more)

Lion cubs in the camp28 May 2014

wwww.leopard.tvLion cubs in the camp... (See more)

Kudu cow with young21 May 2014

wwww.leopard.tvA kudu cow with her young who is trying to suckle... (See more)

Kudu bumping horns21 May 2014

wwww.leopard.tvKudu bump horns around the fodder point... (See more)

Kudu at night21 May 2014

wwww.leopard.tvNight shots of kudu... (See more)

Female lion with cubs21 May 2014

wwww.leopard.tvShakira, the female lion, with her playful cubs... (See more)

Kudu cow licks salt21 May 2014

wwww.leopard.tvA kudu cow is licking some salt... (See more)

Kudu cow drinks water21 May 2014

wwww.leopard.tvA kudu cow is drinking water... (See more)

Klipspringer licks some salt21 May 2014

wwww.leopard.tvA klipspringer licks some salt... (See more)

Rain water cause floods9 April 2014

wwww.leopard.tvContinuous rain cause floods on Shayamanzi... (See more)

Zebras graze late into the night19 March 2014

wwww.leopard.tvZebras graze late into the night at Witsand... (See more)

Day of good rain19 March 2014

wwww.leopard.tvGood rainfall fills the Nkwe waterhole... (See more)

Wild dogs with a piece of meat19 March 2014

wwww.leopard.tvA piece of meat are being torn apart by a pack of wild dogs... (See more)

Closeup shots of wild dogs with meat19 March 2014

wwww.leopard.tvCloseup shots of wild dogs busy eating a piece of meat... (See more)

Blue wildebeest restless early morning19 March 2014

wwww.leopard.tvA heard of blue wildebeest seem to be restless early morning at Witsand... (See more)

Leopard with back to the camera19 March 2014

wwww.leopard.tvCloseup and distant shots of a leopard sitting with back to the camera... (See more)

Leopard on top of a rock14 March 2014

wwww.leopard.tvA leopard laying peacefully on top of a rock... (See more)

Two kudu close to the water14 March 2014

wwww.leopard.tvTwo kudu grazing late night at Leopard Castle... (See more)

Blue wildebeest don´t want to share7 November 2013

wwww.leopard.tvBlue wildebeest don´t want to share the fodder... (See more)

Wildlife recorded at Witsand31 October 2013

wwww.leopard.tvWatch the day and night shots of wildlife at Witsand... (See more)

Day and night shots of wildlife17 October 2013

wwww.leopard.tvWatch the day and night shots of wildlife at Witsand... (See more)

Wildlife activity at Witsand10 October 2013

wwww.leopard.tvWatch these video clips of various wildlife eating and drinking together at the Witsand waterhole... (See more)

Prerecorded video clips of Witsand30 Augustus 2013

wwww.leopard.tvWatch video clips taken at Witsand... (See more)

Video clips recorded at Witsand19 July 2013

wwww.leopard.tvWatch video clips of animal activity at Witsand... (See more)

Virtual wildlife drives recorded at Witsand5 July 2013

wwww.leopard.tvThese video shots were taken over the past few years at Witsand. Also have a look under the other points for more Witsand videos... (See more)

Picasa recordings of the Shayamanzi wildlife ranch, leopards and wildlife14 May 2013

wwww.leopard.tvWatch Picasa recordings of the Shayamanzi wildlife ranch, leopards and wildlife... (See more)

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