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Identifying the waterbuck

2 February 2017




Are there different types of waterbuck?



Yes there are. The characteristic elliptical white ring around the tail in the southern waterbuck shows clearly and is the origin of the name ellipsiprymnus in its scientific name Kobus ellipsiprymnus ellipsiprymnus. The subspecies Kobus ellipsiprymnus defassa which occurs in East Africa and is known as the Defassa waterbuck does not have this white ring around the tail.



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Physical condition of red hartebeest25 July 2014

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Hawk-eagle´s bill and claws25 July 2014

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Wild cat or domesticated cat?10 July 2014

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Baboon biting a tree10 July 2014

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Zaza eating grass30 June 2014

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Klipspringers and rocks25 June 2014

wwww.leopard.tvWhy do klipspringers always stand on top of rocks?... (Get the answer)

Comb ducks feeding25 June 2014

wwww.leopard.tvHow do comb ducks feed?... (Get the answer)

Hawk-eagle bathing19 June 2014

wwww.leopard.tvWhy do birds bathe so often?... (Get the answer)

Two warthog sows bathingUpdated: 6 June 2014 (Published: 27 March 2014)

wwww.leopard.tvWhy do warthogs bath so much in the summer and how can you tell male from female?... (Get the answer)

Kudu bull´s ageUpdated: 6 June 2014 (Published: 24 April 2014)

wwww.leopard.tvIs this a young or adult kudu bull?... (Get the answer)

Feeding behaviour of blue wildebeest24 April 2014

wwww.leopard.tvAre blue wildebeest always this active at night?... (Get the answer)

Vervet monkey eating at Seringa24 April 2014

wwww.leopard.tvWhen will vervet monkeys usually eat?... (Get the answer)

Vervet monkey drinks water at Nkwe10 April 2014

wwww.leopard.tvWhen will vervet monkeys usually drink water?... (Get the answer)

Young African hawk-eagle drinking rain water10 April 2014

wwww.leopard.tvWhat is the difference between a young African hawk-eagle and an adult eagle?... (Get the answer)

Crop-eared donkey, warthog sow and Burchell´s zebras grazing27 March 2014

wwww.leopard.tvWhat does the eating habits of a donkey, zebra and warthog sow have in common and what type of bird is sitting on the donkey´s back?... (Get the answer)

Vegetation near the Nkwe waterhole27 March 2014

wwww.leopard.tvWhat is a Terminalia prunioides and who eats it?... (Get the answer)

Nyala bulls with grey necks27 February 2014

wwww.leopard.tvWhy is the necks of the nyalas this grey color?... (Get the answer)

Food intake of a giraffe13 February 2014

wwww.leopard.tvHow does a giraffe eat the leaves of the branches and how much does he eat?... (Get the answer)

Leopard spots16 January 2014

wwww.leopard.tvIs there a reason why the spots of a leopard look like this?... (Get the answer)

Blood on warthog´s knee16 January 2014

wwww.leopard.tvIt looks like an injury on the warthog´s knee. What could have caused it?... (Get the answer)

Leopards and water9 January 2014

wwww.leopard.tvHow much water does a leopard need?... (Get the answer)

Two blesbok calves9 January 2014

wwww.leopard.tvAre these two calves twins?... (Get the answer)

Gemsbok horns21 November 2013

wwww.leopard.tvDoes the length of the gemsbok´s horns have any significance?... (Get the answer)

Kudu feeding on plants21 November 2013

wwww.leopard.tvWhy will the kudu only eat for short periods on a specific plant?... (Get the answer)

Impala grazing behaviour21 November 2013

wwww.leopard.tvWhat are the impala eating so close to the water?... (Get the answer)

Name of the waterbuck21 November 2013

wwww.leopard.tvHow did the waterbuck get his name?... (Get the answer)

Warthog facial warts21 November 2013

wwww.leopard.tvDo the prominent facial warts of the warthog have any purpose?... (Get the answer)

Giraffe at the fodder and water point19 September 2013

wwww.leopard.tvHow is it possible for giraffes to bent over this quickly and then to stand bent over while they drink water or eat?... (Get the answer)

Lines on the flanks of the eland12 September 2013

wwww.leopard.tvWhy don‘t these eland have any lines on their flanks?... (Get the answer)

Leopard‘s way of sitting14 May 2013

wwww.leopard.tvWhy is the leopard sitting like this?... (Get the answer)

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