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Leopard.tv article in Wildland (April 2015)

3 July 2015


...(Read Part 2 of The Big 5)
...(Read Part 3 of The Big 5)

The Big 5 (www.leopard.tv)
By Jannie Parsons

Part 1 of 3: South Africa’s largest tourism product is undoubtedly the Big 5.  This status fills the coffers, but also endangers the lives of these animals. Other countries competing for tourists, cannot compete on the grounds of price, service and quality as they simply do not have a comparable product. Can people be so bloodthirsty and jealousy be so rampant that other countries would rather see our top product, the Big 5,  wiped from the face of the earth? For example, the killing of rhinos happens on a high level and vets, game farmers, helicopter owners, politicians, government officials, police, business people, rangers and professional poachers within and outside South Africa are probably involved in an underground network.

Apart from the tourism competition, there really are the greedy and the uninformed who believe that eating, drinking or sniffing of animal material will prolong your life and improve your libido.

The tragic story is that the elephant, rhino, buffalo and the lion have a smaller chance of survival compared to the leopard. They are large animals, move during the day in herds over open plains and can easily be seen and followed.


They are killed for, or die because of:

Elephant - Ivory (teeth)

Rhinos - Horns (apparently as medication and to pep up)

Lions - Bones and nails (apparently give power)

Buffalo - Natural death due to dangerous illnesses is their biggest risk

Leopards - Eyes, furs and eating their meat.

The leopard holds the secret of survival. Leopards are… (Continue reading on www.leopard.tv or read Part 2 of 3 in the Wildland magazine next month)




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