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Newsletter 7: February 2016 : Wildlife losses

29 June 2016



Who and what is responsible for most wildlife losses amongst wildlife farmers? If fewer animals breed, there are fewer animals during hunting season and this will increase the prices of the animals. It´s a case of supply and demand. Wildlife is exactly that: WILD. It is very difficult to keep track and count of them in the bushveld.

Wildlife losses have many causes: draughts, floods of fencing, illnesses, ticks, age, lightning, fires, fights amongst the animals, injuries, snake bites, predators, wildlife thefts, infertile animals, wrong species for the location and then perhaps the most important one of all POISONOUS PLANTS such as poison leaf in the Bushveld... (Read more)



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Newsletter 6: January 2016 : Wildlife auction - Transanction15 June 2016

wwww.leopard.tvPrices at wildlife auction transactions sometimes differ so much that it is difficult to put two and two together. Why will one buffalo cost R200 000 and the... (Read more)

Newsletter 5: Desember 2015 : Wildlife auction - Transaction31 May 2016

wwww.leopard.tvWildlife auctions and out-of-hand deals amounting to millions were closed in 2015. The amount of money paid for wildlife is a mystery, even for seasoned businessmen. The advantage of... (Read more)

Newsletter 4: November 2015 : Wildlife auctions12 May 2016

wwww.leopard.tvThe 2015 wildlife auction season has come to an end. The mystery surrounding wildlife prices have many farmers, businessmen, the media and even the economy buzzing. Why does one buffalo cost R100 000 but the next is... (Read more)

Newsletter 3: October 2015 : Lions roar12 April 2016

wwww.leopard.tvAt sunrise and around sunset the 2 male lions; Shumba (brown lion) and Jack (white lion) will frequently have a roaring competition. If I didn´t capture this on camera myself I would never have quessed that... (Read more)

Newsletter 2: September 201511 December 2015

wwww.leopard.tvThe leopard mystery project really started with Zan, a big male leopard that was fitted with a GPS collar before it was released again. He walked ±750 km before... (Read more)

Newsletter 1: August 201527 October 2015

wwww.leopard.tvShayamanzi have already dealt with more than 35 leopards. The first two leopards, Zaza and Ziana, are the main characters in some... (Read more)



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