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1. Click on the iStore or Playstore icon on your phone or tablet.
2. Click on the ´Search´ field, type in "" and click on ´Search´.
3. Choose the App and click on ´Install´.
4. Click on the Leopard TV App on your phone and enjoy live wildlife and videos!

Thank you to everyone that subscribed and also for supporting our Internet Wildlife Channel Dream.


Jannie Parsons


Behind the scenes at the recording of the Shayamanzi song

Heinz Winckler and Charlize Berg sings the Shayamanzi Wildlife song to advertise our App. Having our own Internet Wildlife Channel is a Shayamanzi dream that came true. (Install the App from the iStore or Play Store) advertisement video

Leopard Mystery Project

Shayamanzi have already dealt with more than 35 leopards. The first two leopards, Zaza and Ziana, are the main characters in some of our songs. Zaza is sung by Marlee van der Merwe and Ziana sung by Bobby van Jaarsveld. (Install the App from the iStore or Play Store)

Leopard Mystery Project

Unmanned camera

40+ Unmanned video cameras and 14 unmanned (static) cameras capture natural wildlife behaviour without any human presence - the ideal game viewing. (Install the App from the iStore or Play Store)

Unmanned camera

Live camera

A live Shayamanzi camera can be viewed at all times on the App. We use infrared-and thermal cameras during the evening hours to capture the mysterious nocturnal wildlife and-sounds. (Install the App from the iStore or Play Store)

Live camera

A tough warthog on a bad day...

Special moments are sometimes captured. More than 142 000 people have already seen on YouTube what happens when a Zebra had enough of a pesky warthog. This video clip can also be seen on the Nat Geo Wild television channel on "Animals Gone Wild". (Install the App from the iStore or Play Store)

Pre-recorded videos

Wild Dogs song

Shayamanzi is currently busy with a wildlife music album that is specifically concerned with our Leopard Mystery Project. Wild dogs have a much greater survival challenge including the danger of the life-threatening rabies (hydrophobia) disease. The danger of this disease is the central theme of the Wild Dogs song. A special song on our leopard album is dedicated to the wild dogs. This song (DVD) has recently been recorded on Shayamanzi and is now available for $3. (Install the App from the iStore or Play Store)

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Articles by Prof J du P Bothma

Prof J du P Bothma and Jannie Parsons have been working together on Shayamanzi´s Leopard Mystery Project since 2001. More than 3000 video clips have already been interpreted scientifically by Prof J du P Bothma. He has also written more than 110 wildlife articles. To see, read and experience all this special content in detail, subscribe to the website for $4 pm. Accident cover to the value of R10 000 is included for paying South African subscribers. If the accident was caused by 1 of 17 wild animals, an additional 25% of the claim is paid out. (Install the App from the iStore or Play Store)

Articles by Prof J du P Bothma on facebook regularly publish interesting leopard-and wildlife video clips and photos on social networks. already have more than 21 000 likes on facebook. (Install the App from the iStore or Play Store) on other social media like twitter

Wildlife auctions

For years Shayamanzi worked very hard to register a unique patent to passively capture animals. Internet technology and cameras are used with no human interaction close to the animals. Catch stress that leads to a lot of game loss are significantly reduced with passive capture, unlike with helicopters. Internet auctions can then be hosted directly. With the current cost of game, passive catch is a much better option for the animal and a cost economizer for the farmer. Insurance companies must consider cheaper insurance premiums for passively captured animals. (Install the App from the iStore or Play Store)

Wildlife auctions newsletters

We aim to publish the newsletter on a monthly basis to highlight and discuss a few points of the month. Most of our live cameras are placed close to water and feeding spots. The best time to keep an eye on the Live camera in winter is 4pm. (Install the App from the iStore or Play Store)

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