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Thank you to everyone that subscribed and also for supporting our Internet Wildlife Channel Dream.


Jannie Parsons


The Shayamanzi wildlife ranch is situated in the Bushveld near Lephalale. Over the years 3 of the BIG 5 (leopard, lion and buffalo) found a home on Shayamanzi. More than 30 unmanned internet controlled video cameras are used to record the natural behaviour of wildlife, day and night, on high definition film. The behaviour of Wild animals are very unpredictable thats why we keep a close eye on the live cameras to record all the interesting incidents which is later broadcast for people who might have missed it.
At sunrise and around sunset the 2 male lions; Shumba (brown lion) and Jack (white lion) will frequently have a roaring competition. If I didn´t capture this on camera myself I would never have quessed that the 2 female lions; Shakira (brown lion) and Gill (white lion) could roar just as loud if not louder and the males.
Sign in on the App and experience these incidents live or recorded.

Behind the scenes at the recording of the Shayamanzi song

Heinz Winckler and Charlize Berg sings the Shayamanzi Wildlife song to advertise our App. Having our own Internet Wildlife Channel is a Shayamanzi dream that came true. (Install the App from the iStore or Play Store) advertisement video

Leopard mystery project

Shayamanzi have already dealt with more than 35 leopards. The leopard mystery project really started with Zan, a big male leopard that was fitted with a GPS collar before it was released again. He walked ±750 km before the GPS collar signal disappeared. (Install the App from the iStore or Play Store)

Leopard Mystery Project

Unmanned camera

40+ Unmanned video cameras and 14 unmanned (static) cameras capture natural wildlife behaviour without any human presence - the ideal game viewing. (Install the App from the iStore or Play Store)

Unmanned camera

Live camera

A live Shayamanzi camera can be viewed at all times on the App. We use infrared-and thermal cameras during the evening hours to capture the mysterious nocturnal wildlife and-sounds. (Install the App from the iStore or Play Store)

Live camera on facebook regularly publish interesting leopard-and wildlife video clips and photos on social networks. already have more than 21 000 likes on facebook. (Install the App from the iStore or Play Store) on other social media like twitter live camera


Advertise with us:
R10 000 pm VAT excl.