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by Jannie Parsons

The 2015 wildlife auction season has come to an end. The mystery surrounding wildlife prices have many farmers, businessmen, the media and even the economy buzzing. Why does one buffalo cost R100 000 but the next is R10 000 000. Can it be the extra inches on horn lengths? Does genetics make that big of a difference? Is it perhaps greed? Is this "new" investment choice simply that much better than vested interests like market shares or properties?

What is unmistakable is that the combination of a good name (farmer and/or wildlife), good genetics, truely accurate statistics, excellent marketing and the specific transaction makes a BIG difference on the outcome of the price.

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Bobby van Jaarsveld sing Ziana

A female leopard and a wildlife farmer meet eye-to-eye. She walks up close to him...Turn around and walks away. This storie is translated into the beautiful song - Ziana sung by Bobby van Jaarsveld. (Install the leopard.tv App from the iStore or Play Store)

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